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AMC JEEP Commando

year: 1972
engine: AMC 304, Benzin
power: 152 PS
84'800 km
color: President Red
seats: 4

CHF 35'500.00


This 1972 Commando was purchased from a Jeep dealer in Decatur, Alabama in the spring of 1976, where it was exchanged just days earlier. At that time the Commando had about 43'000 miles, was in excellent condition, the interior, the body and also the engine were well maintained and everything was serviced on a regular basis.
The Jeep was never used off-road, but had a brand-new winch mounted at the front. When the buyer asked the dealer why the previous owner had mounted them, the answer was only "for the good looks". Since the buyer saw no use for it, he exchanged the winch for an original air conditioning system for the Jeep.
At that time the Jeep had mounted a beige hardtop, which the new owner dismantled to be able to mount a roll bar and safety belts. At the same time he ordered a custom softtop for the Commando. He stored the hardtop in a friend's barn, unfortunately the interior panelling served as nesting material for the rats and since a repair would have been too expensive, he disposed of the hardtop.

The Jeep was not driven often, just short trips around Huntsville, Alabama or once for a date, because the women liked the Commando well :)
During the whole time the Commando was always parked in a garage and covered with a dust cover. And if the Jeep had to stand outside, then only with a custom cover that even covered the wheels.
As the owner had two other vehicles, the Jeep was not moved for several months, so the 53'000 miles are the guaranteed mileage!

This beautiful Commando was in the possession of this gentleman from 1976 to November 2016, who really always cared for the vehicle. Therefore the Jeep is in a wonderful original condition.
Built in is the AMC 304 V8 engine with 3-speed manual transmission, Dana30 front axle and Dana44 rear axle, custom made softtop.
The Jeep will be freshly tested on sale with code 180 veteran entry.


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