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JEEP Willys CJ-2A

year: 5.1946
engine: Go Devil 2.2l Flathead
power: 56 PS, leaded gasoline
 2 x 3-speed
color: Pasture Green
seats: 4

CHF 26'500.00


This Willys is an early model of the first civil series still with MB chassis.
This Willys never served the Swiss Army, it was used civilian in 1946.
At the end of 2015 the Willys was mechanically overhauled and in March 2016 the extensive restoration work on the body began.
There is a lot of work in the restoration, here are some works that have been done:
Parts of the bodywork rebuilt
Paintwork in original colour Pasture Green
new contemporary tyres fitted
brakes and brake lines, shock absorbers, water pump, radiator and instruments have been replaced
Seat frames restored and seats re-covered
new canopy with restored frame
chrome steel fuel tank
new lamps mounted
and much more...!

Fresh from service and MFK with Code 180 Veteran


status of the restoration on 04.03.2016

Status of the restoration on 04.04.2016

Status of the restoration on 29.06.2016

End of restauration in August 2016