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JEEP Willys CJ-3A

year: 8.1950
engine: Go Devil 2.2l Flathead
power: 54 PS, gasoline
gearbox: 2 x 3-speed
14'042 (odometer reading)
 1'070 kg
color: Shadow Black
seats: 4

price on request!


Willy's CJ-3A in the same possession for 63 years!

At the beginning of the 1950s, Swiss conscripts had the opportunity to purchase a Willys Jeep from the Swiss Confederation.
The Willys CJ-3A were subsidized by the army and sold to the conscripts at special conditions. In return, the conscripts had to complete the recruit school and the subsequent WK (refresher course) with their own Willys.  

In 1953 when the owner was 20 years young he bought, with the help of his family, such a Willys. Before he could grab his official motor vehicle, he had to move to Thun for a week. After theory and driving school he successfully passed the driving test. Only then could he enter the recruit school in Sion with his CJ-3A.

After the RS some common military WK followed. In 1959, the Willys was left to its owner, as it says in the service book. The equipment inspections were nevertheless carried out until the 1980s by the district commander.

On his parents' farm the Willys was of course also used diligently to dry up the hay with the trailer, for example.

Since the family also owned a sawmill, long timber was also transported with a special trailer. So the years spread into the country and both became older.

Unbelievable, but over all years the Willys was always maintained and serviced in the same garage in the Emmental. In 1999 it was completely restored after 46 years, of course also from the same garage.

The Willys is in a 100% original condition, documents up to the 50s are available. Very rare are the still available logbooks of the army. Unfortunately, the health of the first owner no longer allows it to be used. With a heavy heart he split up with his Willy after 64 years.

The Willys is delivered fresh from MFK and service only to a good place.


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