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Calonder Stories

Jeepers Meeting Maggiora (IT) 2019

June 2019

Like all the years before, we had a great time at the Jeepers Meeting in Maggiora Italy and took some pictures of the best moments we had! Enjoy!

Jeep-Meet Einsiedeln 2019

May 2019

Here are some impressions of this year's Jeep Meet in Einsiedeln.

SEMA Show Las Vegas 2018

October / November 2018

After we skipped last year, we took part at the spectacular, impressive SEMA show in Las Vegas this year again! Here are a handful of impressions:

Free 4x4 Driving at the gravel pit Calanda

October 2018

Organized by the "4x4 Giganten Lichtenstein" the 2nd free driving took place in the gravel pit Calanda in Reichenau this year. Following a few impressions of the great organized event.

Jeep Heep Heep Crans Montana 2018

September 2018

The annual Jeep Heep Heep in beautiful Crans Montana  - Here are a few impressions of this year's mega event!

Offroad-Fair Bürglen TG

September 2018

While one half of the Calonder team attended the Jeep Heep-Heep in Crans Montana, the other half held the position at the Offroad-Fair in Bürglen TG.

Jeepers Meeting Maggiora (IT) 2018

June 2018

This year, the entire Calonder team was present at the huge Jeep meeting in Maggiora, Italy.

Jeep-Meeting Einsiedeln 2018

May 2018

Some impressions of this years Jeep-Meeting in Einsiedeln

4x4-Adventure Bure 2017

November 2017

Also this year the annual 4x4-Adventure Event took place in Bure, Jura! We were there with numerous vehicles as always! Looking back on a great day, with great people, great vehicles and great experiences!

Jeep Heep Heep Crans Montana 2017

September 2017

Also this year we took part in the famous Jeep Heep Heep Heep Event in Crans Montana!

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